Quebec Driver Acting “In the Name of Allah” Mows Down Two Canadian Soldiers

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Jihad up North:

A Quebecer shot dead by police after running down two Canadian soldiers told a 911 operator he was acting in the name of Allah

The Prime Minister’s Office says the dead suspect, identified as Martin Couture-Rouleau, had become “radicalized.”

Two police sources [said] that the incident just after 11:30 a.m. was a possible terrorist attack against the unidentified soldiers, one of whom was in critical condition. Police gunned down Couture-Rouleau, 25, in his hometown of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, 30 minutes south of Montreal on Monday morning.

He charged at the officers wielding a big knife with a curved handle, witnesses claim. Police fired seven bullets to stop him.

Canadian jihadist Martin Couture-Rouleau

Authorities had had their eye on the man since last year, they say.

Couture-Rouleau became known to the RCMP after a relative alerted police to the man’s terrorist leanings… Couture-Rouleau had grown out his beard and started wearing a turban after converting to Islam a year ago. It appears that the suspect posted jihadist propaganda to the Internet under the name Ahmad Rouleau.

The Montreal Gazette reports that

On Couture-Rouleau’s Facebook page, where he identified himself as Ahmad Rouleau, the man had posted dozens of images and comments in English and French about hell and betrayal since creating the account in May 2013. His comments included: “Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers. And whoever does that has nothing with Allah.”

Another post, dated April 14 of this year, began: “Allah has promised the hypocrite men and hypocrite women and the disbelievers the fire of Hell, wherein they will abide eternally.”

Canada recently agreed to send six fighter jets to take part in the West’s military campaign against ISIS terrorists in Iraq, but it isn’t yet known if that was the motive for Couture-Rouleau’s attack.

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Chapter Twenty from Book Three, Part Two of Bertrand Russell’s “The History Of Western Philosophy” (1945).

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Rise of Radical Islam Means Catholic Church Can Grab Market Share, Anglican Bishop Suggests

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You gotta love the opening line of this article from Catholic Say:

The former Church of England’s bishop of Rochester has spoken of the overriding importance of the Catholic Church’s global voice for the future of Christianity in a world threatened by Islamic militancy and secularism.

He’s right to casually mention those two threats in the same breath, all equivalent-like. Surely you’ve heard of the insurgent atheist movements all over the world whose members have been beheading people of faith, detonating bombs in trains and subway cars, and flying passenger jets into cathedrals.

Bishop Nazir-Ali [above] said the Catholic Church potentially had “a great future and a huge opportunity” in the emerging world order and that it now had allies in upholding orthodoxy, even in unexpected quarters.

And by allies, of course the Bishop doesn’t mean atheists and agnostics, many of whom have been among the most fearless and vociferous in criticizing radical Islam. Instead, he’s referring to — and perhaps making a sales pitch to – Protestant evangelicals and other non-Catholic lovers of Christ.

He said that, with the growth of Islamic militancy and the persecution of Christians worldwide, many people were now looking to Rome as the voice that could stem the tide. He said these people included many Evangelicals whom he knew who never, in the past, would have thought about Rome. “So the Catholic Church has both a great opportunity and also a great responsibility.”

Without jest or reservation, I do agree with him on this point:

On the topic of the rise in Islamic militancy, he said that two things, in particular, had to be denied: one was the idea that extremism was explained solely by economic and social factors (this he said, overlooked the nature of the militants’ agenda) and the second was the claim, expressed by some Church leaders, that “a truly Islamic state would not persecute Christians.” Bishop Nazir-Ali said he could see no empirical evidence to support this view, which romanticized Islamic militancy.

Still, perhaps it’s just a bit callous to speak of the ascent of murderous religious thugs as an “opportunity” to recruit future Catholics.

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Bertrand Russell Flat 8 walkthrough

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This is where I lives for 10 weeks while studying at the University of Essex in Colchester, England.

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After Church/State Separation Advocate Mikey Weinstein Speaks at Patrick Henry College, School Deletes Video

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Yesterday, I posted about how the Military Religious Freedom Foundation‘s Mikey Weinstein (below, right) recently sat down for an interview with WORLD Magazine editor-in-chief Dr. Marvin Olasky at Patrick Henry College, one of the most fundamentalist Christian schools in the nation.

You can read the positive reaction from students here, but what’s puzzling is that the school took down the video from their website within days of posting it. Chris Rodda explains:

On Friday afternoon, PHC posted the video of Mikey’s interview on its UStream page, along with the videos of its other Newsmakers Interview Series interviews, and the video started to get around via blogs and social media.

At some point over the weekend, however, PHC apparently decided, for reasons that can only be guessed at, to take the video down. (MRFF was initially informed of the disappearance of the video by a PHC student who had wanted to show it to their Bible study group, but found that it had been deleted when they went to the school’s UStream page.)

But, fortunately, the video is not lost. MRFF recorded the interview, and it is now available on our YouTube channel. So, if you want to guess at why PHC might have decided to make the video of this interview unavailable, just watch it.

I have sent an email to Patrick Henry College asking why the video was pulled and I’ll update this post if I hear back.

With that, here you go!

Again, I haven’t had a chance to see the complete interview, but if any moments stand out to you, please leave the timestamp and summary in the comments.

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Lord Bertrand Russell

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An interview of young Indian Doctor with Lord Bertrand Russell. FAN: CHETAN GUGALE.

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Bertrand Russell – Love Is Wise

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All material cited below. Special thanks to YouTube user pedroabreu23 (Pedro Abreu) for translating this video into Portuguese Narration: Bertrand Russell – …

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Ken Ham is Writing a Tell-All Book About His Debate with Bill Nye

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Ken Ham still thinks we’re all talking about his debate with Bill Nye.

Seriously. He thinks we’re all rethinking evolution because of stuff he said.

And he’s finally getting around to writing a tell-all book that will impress nobody.

I can’t believe he didn’t call it I Was There… (Edit: Okay, you all win. It should have been called There’s Another Book…)


Popular AiG speaker and author Bodie Hodge (my son-in-law) and I have written what we believe is a unique and powerful book about the debate — not just dealing with the content of the debaters, but detailing behind the scenes and personal information. We believe this publication (estimated to be well over 300 pages), will be a phenomenal teaching tool, and will be a fascinating read for what has been called by some as “the debate of the century.”

No scientist is calling it the “debate of the century.” Only you are calling it that. Maybe other Creationists. No one else.

And 300 pages?! What the hell happened behind the scenes that needs more than a few pages, tops, to explain? Bill Nye already wrote an article from his perspective (and gave a speech, too) and it wasn’t anywhere close to that length.

But really, what’s in the book?

Many people have lingering questions from the debate and are curious about how, if given more time than I had during the debate, I would have countered Mr. Nye’s claims. This new resource does just that. I encourage everyone who viewed the debate — believer or skeptic alike — to get a hold of this resource. Believers will be equipped to stand firmly on the authority of God’s Word and respectfully dialogue with others. Skeptics will be challenged with the truth of God’s Word, the bankruptcy of evolution and naturalism, and the abundance of scientific evidence for the biblical model of origins.

Okay. So this book is just a copy-paste version of all of his other books… and he’ll get a do-over on all the embarrassing answers he gave during the debate.. even though there’s no new information on his end. (Ken, time wasn’t the problem. Your answers were.)

Arguably, the most memorable moment of the debate was when Nye and Ham were asked what, if anything, would ever change their mind:

Ken Ham essentially said Nothing.

Bill Nye said “One piece of evidence.”

Can’t wait to hear how Ham tries to make up for that…

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Fading Faith: The Rise of the Secular Age

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FADING FAITH chronicles the decline of religion in modern democracies and predicts that America is traveling this path to secularism. A profound transition is occurring, barely noticed. Slowly, imperceptibly, supernatural religion is shriveling. Pope Benedict XVI laments that ”Europe has developed a culture that, in a manner unknown before now to humanity, excludes God from the public conscience.” In Denmark and Sweden, fewer than 5 percent of adults are in church… More >>

Fading Faith: The Rise of the Secular Age

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Civilization and Its Discontents (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud) [Paperback]

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Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside. 100% Money Back Guarantee…. More >>

Civilization and Its Discontents (Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud) [Paperback]

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